Mediterranean Diet Reduces Risk of Blindness

Mediterranean Diet Reduces Risk of Blindness

Mediterranean Diet Reduces Risk of Blindness

Washington, Oct 3rd – A mediterranean diet consisting on fish, vegetables and olive oil reduces the risk of macular degeneration because of the age (Age Related Macular Degeneration, ARMD) which is one of the main causes for blindness in the planet.

Specialized magazine Ophtalmology said on Tuesday that for such a conclusion, the investigators analyzed questions made to a total of 5,000 people in some studies made in Rotterdam, Holland.

The investigations were working on the evaluation of blindness risk on people of 55 years of age or more and the association between eye diseases and nutrition factors on people over 73 years of age, by means of a process called Alienor.

Respondents to the investigation questions in Rotterdam were examined and completed questionnaires every five years for a period of 21 years, while those of Alienor were examined every two years for a period of 4 years.

According to the scientists, none of the individual components of the Mediterranean diet alone reduces the risk of ARMD, but is the integral pattern of eating nutrient-rich foods which is an improvement in the future incidence of the disease.

Previous research linked the Mediterranean diet to a long life, lower incidence of heart disease and cognitive impairment, but this study evaluated its impact on AMD and it turned out that this lifestyle has the potential to prevent this blinding disease.

The Mediterranean diet also promotes the consumption of legumes, fruits, etc and is extremely beneficial for any age profile, either with the disease or with the risk of developing it.(Prensa Latina)

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