Cuban Customs House Maintains Fight against Drug Trafficking

Cuban Customs House Maintains Fight against Drug Trafficking

Havana, May 7th –  The General Customs House of the Republic of Cuba reported on new cases of drug trafficking, and ratified that the country currently maintains the zero tolerance policy on drugs.

The first of these events is related to the attempt to bring into Cuba bottles of Mariguanol Gel, a substance made from marijuana.

According to the institution, the Department of International Cargo in Camagüey province was the one in which this violation was detected in the consignments sent to a consignee with five bottles of Mariguanol Gel.

The other case was discovered during the flight control in the country’s entrance area at the Juan Gualberto Gomez International Airport, in western Matanzas province.

Different techniques were practiced to a passenger who due to his physical and psychological signs was suspicious and it was detected that he brought drugs in his luggage.

During the review process, cocaine and LCD, another type of synthetic and easily masked drug for consumption, was seized to him.

Juventud Rebelde newspaper reports that several drug cases in different air terminals have been so far detected in the country this year, where surveillance has been reinforced. (Prensa Latina)


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