Internet Companies Promise to Fight Against Extremist Content

Internet Companies Promise to Fight Against Extremist Content

Paris, May 16 – Large companies, considered Internet giants, promised in this capital to fight against the dissemination of extremist content, at the end of a meeting promoted by the governments of France and New Zealand.

In the document called ‘Call of Christchurch’ -New Zealand locality where a terrorist attack took place two months ago-, entities like Google, Microsoft, Twitter and Facebook assured they will take immediate action in this area.

‘The dissemination of this type of content online has a negative impact on human rights and our collective security,’ they said in a text released here.

The meeting was led by French President Emmanuel Macron and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

The objective was to promote concrete measures to avoid the repetition of Christchurch events, in reference to the live publication of the aggression on the part of its author in the social network Facebook.

In order to advance this challenge, the companies promised ‘transparent and specific measures to prevent the uploading and dissemination of violent and terrorist extremist content on social networks’.

In addition to the attending nations, other states joined the call as Canada, Norway and the United Kingdom, and so did the European Commission.(Prensa Latina)

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