Cuba, Canada Foreign Ministers Talk in Havana

Cuba, Canada Foreign Ministers Talk in Havana

Havana, May 17 – Foreign Affairs Minister of Canada Chrystia Freeland is currently on a working visit to Cuba, where she will meet with Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez.

Freeland will be received at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and both officials are expected to discuss bilateral relations and the impact of the activation by the United States of Title III of Helms-Burton Act, which affects third countries.

The Canadian government expressed, as others in Europe and worldwide, its rejection of the extraterritorial nature of that U.S. legislation, which punishes entrepreneurs and people with investments and businesses on Cuba.

Canada has important investments in Cuba and is one of the main tourist market to the island.

According to analysts, immigration issue and Ottawa’s decision to suspend its consular services in Cuba should also be under discussions.

This has forced the Cubans wishing to travel to Canada to apply for a Canadian visa in a third nation.

Ottawa claims to be short staffed, after consular officials withdrew for alleged ‘sonic attacks.’

This was the same pretext the US government used to practically close its consulate in Havana.

Cuban authorities and international experts could not find any foundation or evidence on the alleged ‘sonic attacks’ the United States and Canada claim had affected members of their diplomatic staff in Havana.(Prensa Latina)

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