Trump Sends Anti-Cuban-Venezuelan Hawk to Panama

Trump Sends Anti-Cuban-Venezuelan Hawk to Panama

Panama, May 17 – The so-called gray brain in the US strategy against the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela, Mauricio Claver-Carone, arrived in Panama to ask for help in Washington’s plans to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro, local media reported on Thursday.

The advisor to US President Donald Trump and director of the National Security Council for the Western Hemisphere met separately with outgoing President Juan Carlos Varela and President-elect Laurentino Cortizo, but paradoxically, no official communiqué was issued.

However, a press release from the US Embassy announced the two meetings and published photos, and noted that the visitor met Varela at the Garzas (Presidential) Palace to discuss a ‘democratic transition’ in Venezuela and ‘a peaceful way-out’ for Maduro.

Meanwhile, the US Embassy informed that at the meeting with Cortizo, Claver-Carone spoke about the priorities in bilateral relations in economic and political terms and security, in addition to the US interest in continuing the close collaboration between the two countries.

In an exclusive interview with Telemetro, Claver-Carone confirmed the contradictions between the Trump administration and Varela’s Government over relations with China and for Panama being the venue of the first meeting between former Presidents Raul Castro (Cuba) and Barack Obama (US).

He just made a brief praise of Panamanian authorities’ submission in their sad role against the legitimate executive of Venezuela, and described the stance by the incumbent Panamanian president as ‘very positive’ in the Lima Group, adding that ‘we appreciate the relations’ that we have in that regard.

On the ‘sanction’ on Panama to maintain relations at the level of chargé d’affaires for a long time, he openly said that it is time to ‘turn the page, to start from scratch’, and to take advantage of the beginning of another government to appoint an ambassador, although he did not mention any date.

When speaking about his meeting with Cortizo, the White House’s envoy made it clear that his country also has commercial relations with China, although with evident intentions to create discord against the Asian country, and spoke about alleged ‘covert political maneuvers’ behind commercial interests.

The press release also noted that regarding Venezuela, Claver-Carone asked the president-elect to ‘continue the defined path on what we all agreed, which is a democratic, peaceful and constitutional transition’, and assured that they will work on that with the new administration.(Prensa Latina)

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