International Symposium on Jose Marti held in Colombia

International Symposium on Jose Marti held in Colombia

Bogota, May 24 – The 4th Jose Marti International Symposium: Universality and Intellectual Autonomy in Latin America is taking place on Thursday in this capital with the participation of experts from several countries in the region.

With a sense of critical memory in the context of the Bicentennial of the Republic of Colombia, fruit of Simon Bolivar’s Liberationist fight, the event brings together prominent speakers from Cuba, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Mexico and the host country.

On Thursday morning, the renowned Cuban scholar of Marti’s work Pedro Pablo Rodriguez gave a keynote speech on the scope of Spanish-US independence for Cuba’s National Hero.

Having its headquarter at Colombian Universidad Libre, intellectuals, professors, local students and workers of Cuban State mission in Bogota attend the symposium, focused on academic reflection based on Marti’s foundational and Latin American proposal.

United States and its opposition to Bolivar, Avatars of Peace in Colombia and the Martian vision, the indigenous map of Colombia beyond 200 years and Bolivar and Marti from two emblematic texts: the Letter of Jamaica and Our Americas are some of the issues planned for today’s debate.

On the other hand, the cultural advisor of the Cuban Embassy in Colombia, Isabel Sanz, highlighted this praiseworthy gesture of integration in order to share knowledge and emancipatory visions so required in these difficult times.(Prensa Latina)

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