Japanese senior sports official on working visit to Cuba

Japanese senior sports official on working visit to Cuba

Cuba, Jun 1st – An approach to the history and present of Cuban boxing marked the beginning of the working visit of Mr. Daichi Suzuki, chairman of the Japan National Sports Agency, who was received at Jose Marti airport by Roberto Leon Richards, head of the Cuban Olympic Committee.

At the Boxing National School, Suzuki and his companions spoke with athletes, coaches and authorities of that sport, including the commissioner and president of the local federation Alberto Puig.

Surprised and pleasantly impressed, the former swimmer who won a gold medal at the Seoul 1988 Olympics praised the prevailing order and the use of the conditions created in the center, which as Puig explained does not have the technology available in other nations, but treasures a rich work in terms of results and comprehensive training.

Shortly after, he spoke with PhD. Hector Noa, rector of the Manuel Fajardo University of Physical Culture and Sports, who received him along with other members of that entity.

There, they coincided in the irreplaceable role of these institutions in the development of contemporary sport, and identified potentials to promote the signing of an agreement with its Japanese counterpart.

The chairman of the Japan´s National Sports Agency will also visit the Giraldo Cordova Cardin High Performance School, the Baragua Swimming Complex, will speak with the protagonists of the community project Por la vida, will attend the teaching of a physical education class and will visit the Cuban Sports Research Center. (ACN)

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