China and Russia Begins a New Strategic-Bilateral Cooperation

China and Russia Begins a New Strategic-Bilateral Cooperation

Jun 6 – The Chinese President, Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putín, held talks on Wednesday in Moscow as part of an event that opened a new friendship era and a strategic alliance for the strengthening of the economic ties between the two economic powers.

At the end of the talks, Presidents Putin and Xi Jimping singed two joint statements and one of them was aimed at developing the bilateral links and the other one was aimed at strengthening the strategic stability at the international arena.

According to President Vladimir Putin, the two countries do not accept the destruction of the current agreement system on the weapons control, disarm and non-related proliferation.

Vladimir Putin also stated that Moscow and Beijing advocate the stabilization of the situation in Venezuela and their positions about other key issues are quite near or agree on them, as many diplomat would say.

Xi jimping on his part highlighted that the Russian-Chinese relations have surpassed the test of time and little by little have reached the highest level in history and there is no limit to try improving them.

Apart from the official talks with Putin, The President Xi jimping´s agenda in Moscow includes the opening ceremony in a Panda pavilion at a Zoo of Moscow, a solemn reception and a festival at the Bolshoi Theater to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of relations between the two nations.

After that, Xi jimping will travel to Saint Petersburg where he will be the guest of honor of the Economics Forum that gathers leaders and representatives from some 1800 Russian and Foreign enterprises from some 75 nations.

The advisor of Kremlin for international affairs, Yuri Uchakov, had already announced in advance that Xi Jimping´s visit would be a major event for the bilateral links while remembering that the former Soviet Union was the first state that recognized the Popular Chinese Republic, after its proclamation in 1949.

Uchakov highlighted that China is the most important business partner of Russia, along with a business trade that increased a 25% in 2018 until it reached the record level of $ 108 million dollars.

The Kremlin´s advisor, also pointed out the political positions from Russia and China are really near or agree completely in the majority of the international issues such as the Nuclear issue in North Korea. The military conflict in Syria, the crisis in Venezuela or the nuclear agreement with Iran.

In addition, Uchakov confirmed that XI Jimping and Vladimir Putin would talk about the relations with Russia and China with the big western powers, especially the United States with which both Moscow and Beijing go through a period of intense tensions.

The Russian and US. Relations are seriously affected by the accusation about electoral interference and many disagreements on disarm, as well as the continuous sanctions by Washington on that Slavic nation.

Meanwhile, both China and the United States are facing an endless technological war carried out by Donald Trump in order to sabotage the technological progress of China.

On this context of tensions with the superpowers, the Chinese Foreign Affairs vice ministry, Zhang Hanhui, pointed out that the talks held by Xi Jingping and Vladimir Putin would secure the links between the two powers will not be affected by the changes in the international community.

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