British Trade Union Expresses Support for Cuba against US Pressures

British Trade Union Expresses Support for Cuba against US Pressures

London, Jun 20 – Unison, the British trade union of public servants, condemned the tightening of sanctions by the United States against Cuba, and called to redouble international solidarity with the Caribbean country, it was reported here on Thursday.

According to the Morning Star, the call was made at the annual congress held in Liverpool this week by the organization, which groups nearly 1.4 workers from the public sector.

‘Let’s celebrate Cuba’s achievements against the odds ‒ and it is only imaginable what Cuba could achieve once the blockade is lifted,’ said delegate Tracy Delaney, who was quoted by the newspaper.

Other participants, such as Liliam Macer, from Scotland, recalled that the nationalization carried out by the Cuban Revolution returned much of the wealth to the Cuban people that had been stolen during the Fulgencio Batista regime.

She added, ‘As a health worker, I recognize since the Cuban Revolution that they have achieved a world-class health system on a fraction of the budget of most other countries, and despite suffering 60 years of blockade.’

Yve White, the congress delegate from Isle of Wight and a well-known activist for equality and diversity, noted that Cuba is not paradise; it is poor nation, but a decent one whose people care deeply about humanity.

In addition to celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution and condemning the blockade of Cuba, participants demanded that the Trades Union Congress (TUC) persuade the Parliament to implement measures preventing British companies from enforcing the US extraterritorial laws on trade with the Caribbean island.(Prensa Latina)

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