Russian Supercomputers Are among the Best in the World

Russian Supercomputers Are among the Best in the World

Moscow, Jun 24 – Two Russian supercomputers, Lomonosov-2 and Rosfgidromet, were included in the specialized list Project 500, whose first places were occupied by the United States and China.

Lomonosov-2, which was installed in the research center of the State University of Moscow, is in the 93rd position and has a productive capacity of 2,478 teraflops (one teraflop equals two trillion operations per second).

Rosfgidromet, which was installed at the Hydraulic and Meteorology Institute, was in the 365th position.

In November 2018, Project 500 placed Lomonosov-2 in the 78th place and Rosfgidromet in the 283rd. The list also included the supercomputer Lomonosov in the 487th position.

On top of the list was the supercomputer installed at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which has 148,000 teraflops, while the second place was occupied by a supercomputer in a research center in California, con 94,640 teraflops.

The third place was held by the Chinese supercomputer Sunway TaihuLight, in the city of Usi, con 93,014 teraflops.(Prensa Latina)

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