Cuba Supports Venezuela’s Political Dialogue Process

Cuba Supports Venezuela’s Political Dialogue Process

Havana, July 10 –  Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez has confirmed his country”s support for the dialogue between the Venezuelan government and the opposition to ensure political peace in the South American country.

‘We support the ongoing dialogue initiative of the Venezuelan government, based on the principles of international law and the postulates of the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace,’ the Cuban Foreign Minister said on Twitter.

With this message, the Cuban diplomat reiterates the position that the Havana authorities have always adopted on the possibility of a peaceful solution to the Venezuelan political situation without foreign meddling.

As Rodriguez recalls, this is expressed in the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace, signed in January 2014 in Havana, regarding the 2nd Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States by the Heads of State and Government that make up that bloc.

In this letter, the permanent commitment of the governments of the region ‘to the peaceful settlement of disputes in order to eliminate forever the use and threat of use of force from our region’ is expressed.

It also defends strict compliance with the principle of non-intervention, directly or indirectly, in the internal affairs of any other State, as well as respect for national sovereignty, equal rights and the self-determination of the people.

Similarly, the signatories assumed the duty to foster friendly relations and cooperation among nations, regardless of the differences in the political, economic and social systems or levels of development of their countries.

They also agreed, in other respects, to fully respect the inalienable right of every State to choose its political, economic, social and cultural system as an essential condition for ensuring peaceful coexistence among nations.(Prensa Latina)

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