Diaz-Canel: Investors Still in Cuba Despite US Pressures

Diaz-Canel: Investors Still in Cuba Despite US Pressures

Havana, Jul 11st – Most of foreign investors keep their business in Cuba in spite of pressures and sanctions of the US blockade, President Miguel Diaz-Canel affirmed this Wednesday.

The president told deputies of the Service Commission of the National Assembly of People’s Power that foreign businessmen are even presenting new projects.

This illustrates their confidence in the potential of the Cuban market, he said.

He stressed that foreign investors firmly reject the entry into force of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, with which the US government intends to suffocate the investment process on the island.

Rejection to that hostility was confirmed with record attendance at the International Fair in Havana at the end of 2018, during the International Tourism Fair held in May and at the forum of the Cuba Initiative of British businessmen, which met in May in this capital.

In his speech Diaz-Canel indicated that Washington has intensified its blockade policy against Cuba in an effort to cut its income and financing channels.

To that end, they banned US travel and cruise ships, among new anti-Cuban measures adopted recently.

He noted that many of Washington’s actions are directed against tourism, conceived as one of the main engines of economic development of Cuba.

The president stressed that the country needs capital, technology and knowledge for its development.

For this reason, Cuba is encouraging foreign investment, albeit in defined strategic sectors, within a framework regulated by law and without undermining national sovereignty and independence.(Prensa Latina)

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