Avoiding exposure is the best prevention against Covid-19

“Fortunately, Cuba has a powerful network of health services; the possibility of immediate care for people is real, and it has sufficient numbers and the quality of its doctors to defend the life of the people.”

This is what the eternal Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, the fundamental architect of the Cuban public health system, assured at the time, and this is confirmed by the actions of this sector in the municipality of Florida when faced with the battle against Covid-19, Here more than 45,000 inquiries are carried out daily in neighborhoods and communities, and all the healthcare institutions planned to face this type of contingency remain active.

From the base in the 68 family doctor’s and nurse’s offices existing in the territory; In the two local polyclinics, in the Regionalized System of Urgency and Medical Emergencies and in the two hospitals of the municipality, the protocols and resources essential to guarantee the service were activated and maintained amid the impact of the new pandemic.

However, the main recommendation of managers and workers of each of these institutions for the Floridian people was to maintain prevention against the new coronavirus and avoid being exposed to Covid-19 as the best way to support the success and vitality of the Public Health system in Florida in the current contest.

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