Quarantine decreed in the Argentine People’s Council of Florida (+ Photos)

Florida, Apr 10.- By decision of the Provincial Defense Council (CDP), in correspondence with the level of suspicious cases of COVID-19, the Quarantine is decreed from 6:00 am on April 10 zone 01 of the Popular Council (CP) Argentina, of the municipality of Florida, which remained in reinforced isolation.

As reported by Dr. Reynaldo Pons Vázquez, director of Health in Camagüey, in that town there are five confirmed patients, while 63 citizens had a negative test result to detect the new coronavirus and 20 cases are pending, of which 12 belong to the aforementioned CP.

Taking into account that the event has remained within the limits of that demarcation and that its evolution, according to verified and suspected contacts, as well as the high negativity achieved, it is considered that the strict isolation of the inhabitants of that area will contribute to nimbly cut the transmission of the disease.

The concentration of possible cases and contacts predominates in that area, in which two constituencies group those confirmed so far.

In that area, there are just over 3,000 homes, with a total of about 12,000 inhabitants, including 669 elderly people who live alone and 142 people isolated at home due to respiratory symptoms.

All the older adults from the local grandparents’ house have already been analyzed with the rapid tests, which are applied equally to all cases of respiratory infections.

Among the measures, it is also proposed to intensify the disinfection treatment in the houses, the fumigation of the streets, the performance of the perifocal with chlorine, and the creation of conditions to be able to assume the attention of the contacts and other vulnerable people within the determined area .

This Thursday, the CDP determined as specific measures that the ten existing family doctor’s offices will operate 24 hours a day, as well as the local Pharmacy, which will now have an increase in the production of anti-catarrhal syrups and sodium hypochlorite . While it was oriented to suspend the Work on their own and the gastronomy units will prepare food to take away and will work every day until 18 hours.

In addition, about four thousand family nuclei will be assigned a food module and the distribution of cookies to the population will begin.

According to the forward site.cu, the CP Argentina is located in the northern fringe of the municipality of Florida. There are entities of economic and social relevance, such as the Leopoldo Rey Sampayo Pediatric Hospital, the North Polyclinic, the University Headquarters, the Argentine Central Sugar Mill and the railway station.

According to the current situation and the stage of confronting the pandemic that the country is experiencing, the restriction of movement measures are considered by the authorities as the most appropriate to stop the spread of the new coronavirus, in addition to continuing to apply those that until the moment were taken into account throughout the province. (Elianis Cutiño López / Radio Cadena Agramonte with information from José Díaz Hernández / Radio Florida.) (Photos: Fermín Antonio Peña Sánchez)

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