Preventive actions with older adults of the Argentine People’s Council are increased

Florida, Apr 14 ,. The deep active house-to-house investigation, strict medical surveillance and constant attention to the health status of the elderly are epidemiological prevention actions during the quarantine of the Argentine People’s Council of the municipality of Florida, where about two thousand people over 60 years of age and an event of local community transmission of COVID-19 is reported.

The management of the Health subgroup in the Municipal Defense Council reports the immediate supply to this aging population of Prevengo-Vir, a drug that strengthens the body’s defenses to face acute respiratory diseases, a condition that is identified relatively frequently in that area north of the city of Florida, where 5 positive cases of the new coronavirus were confirmed.

For a more specialized health care even in the Argentine popular council, a special isolation measure is underway for older adults with respiratory infections who live alone and do not have the necessary conditions in their home to effectively attend to their state of health.

With this objective, a special room was urgently set up in the Territorial Research Station of sugarcane (ETICA), located on the outskirts of the city of Florida, which allows expanding the medical coverage of the Municipal Hospital to evacuate and attend to elders of the isolated defense zone and the rest of the municipality.

Without neglecting the needs of older adults who live alone, the visits of social workers are systematized to bring them assistance and pension benefits, with differentiated economic care for some 20 elderly people from the Argentine People’s Council.

Similarly, courier services are put into practice to bring home the daily diet of those elderly people permanently welcomed by the Family Care System.

Given the existence in Florida of an active event of local transmission of the new coronavirus, as in the entire country, medical care and social assistance programs are reinforced to especially protect the integrity of people over 60 years of age, who they are more vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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