Authorities of the municipality defense zone 06 of Conquista visit (+ Photos)

Florida, Apr 27.- José Antonio Ballate González and the Deputy Beatriz Rodríguez Fernández, President and Vice-president of the Municipal Defense Council (CDM), respectively, exchanged with the members of zone 06 that encompasses the Popular Conquest Council, south of Florida city.

On this occasion, the strict compliance with the measures to prevent the spread and contagion with the new coronavirus COVID-19, which are based on a correct investigation in all the homes of that demarcation where more than 1400 inhabitants reside, of them 165 elderly, was reviewed. , who receive systematic surveillance by health specialists from the four Family Doctor and Nurse offices that provide services in that area.

The tour of the highest authorities of the Florida CDM through zone 06 belonging to the Popular Council of Conquest, included the visit to peasants dedicated to food production, which together with compliance with measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 guarantee the future food of that demarcation and the municipality, glued to the earth from sunrise to sunset, aware of the responsibility they have with this first-order task.

The preparation of land for the sowing of various crops and animal food that occupies these days the members of the farm for collective use of the Octavio Aragón Cooperative, was verified at the site by Josè José Antonio Ballate González and the Deputy Beatriz Rodríguez Fernández , highest authorities of the CDM in Florida.

The agrarian entity is made up of 15 farms and its members have the challenge of enlisting 20 hectares to guarantee different types of food for the benefit of their cooperative members and contribute to the city’s state markets, in the context of the battle waged by the territory against the new coronavirus.

In defense zone 06 of the Popular Conquest Council in the municipality of Florida, the different groups and subgroups that make up its leadership evidenced the commitment not to disappoint the leadership of the Communist Party and the Government in the locality with discipline, responsibility and a lot of work. , fight this new battle that now imposes the COVID-19 pandemic.


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