“Children always conquer the hearts of peoples”

Florida, June 1st.- “And that’s what we should think about the most: the children of today, who are the people of tomorrow. They must be cared for and watched over as the pillars on which a truly beautiful and truly useful work is founded. ” This is how Commander Fidel Castro Ruz said when referring to children, a phrase that currently has full force in our country.
This June 1st is Children’s Day, a date that this year is celebrated from homes to avoid contagion with COVID-19.

When in the world there are thousands of infants infected with this disease and the death of many is regretted, in Cuba thanks to the care they receive, to date only 227 minors have been affected by the virus and of them 209 are already recovered together To his family.

The Ministry of Education organized an educational program so that from television children can receive their teleclasses and thus continue the school year with the support of the family and teachers who, despite the epidemiological situation, implement various strategies to instruct schoolchildren.

Cuba exhibits achievements in programs such as maternal and child, Educa a tu hijo and in various actions organized by sectors such as Health, INDER and Education, and other entities that have among their work objectives to guarantee the well-being of children.

In children’s circles, elementary and special schools, and in the Home of minors without subsidiary protection of the municipality of Florida, priority is given to the comprehensive care of infants who receive an excellent quality education in these institutions.

This June 1, Children’s Day, is a propitious date to conquer new achievements and thus forge a better future for all Cuban children, because it is they who embody the future of the country.


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