“In socialist Cuba nothing is more important than a child”

Florida, Jun 1.- Among the benefits enjoyed by Cuban children, one that stands out is not the most important for 60 years: the privilege of being born, living and growing in this Antillean archipelago, under the loving gaze and protector of the Revolution forged by Fidel and an institutional system that places them at the very center of social, government and state policies.
For the millions of men, women, youth and adolescents who came into the world after MIL 959, the above reflection cannot mean the same as for many others who today exceed SIX decades of life, and who experienced deprivation, abandonment, Hopelessness and the lost gaze of thousands and thousands of infants trapped in pre-socialist Cuba, crushed by the evils of the pseudo-republic and the corruption of pro-imperialist governments and tyrannies.

In the historic plea recognized as “History will absolve me”, delivered by Fidel Castro Ruz in MIL 953 during the trial for the assault on the Moncada Barracks, the then leader of the movement defined with certainty the reality of childhood before the victory. of the Revolution when he said: “Rural schools attend barefoot, half-naked and malnourished less than half of school-age children and 90 PERCENT of infants residing there are eaten by parasites. Society is moved by the news of the kidnapping or murder of a child, but remains indifferent to the mass murder committed with so many THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of children who die every year due to lack of resources, dying among the death rattles of the pain…”

The Constitution of the Republic and the oath of Baraguá included in their texts the will of our people to never return to that uncertain and opprobrious past, after having known, enjoyed and founded the most transcendental changes in the lives of the infants of the nation where José Martí dreamed of putting justice “as high as palms”.

The freedom caravan was the beginning of the transformations in favor of Cuban children and youth, in an integral social will that has known NO limits until now in Cuba …

The full, egalitarian, free and universal right of our children to life, education, health, culture, sport and healthy recreation multiplied here in thousands of schools and health care centers built by the Revolution; in the growing graduation of teachers, the creation of children’s circles, homes for children without subsidy, pediatric hospitals, playgrounds, vaccines that protect against 14 curable diseases, security and social assistance, infant mortality below most countries most developed on the planet, guarantee of higher studies and unconditional defense of the physical and moral integrity of each of them by the Cuban State.

The current battle against the COVID-19 pandemic caused by the new coronavirus ratifies that imprint sown in the collective consciousness of this people, when millions of children were isolated in their homes with the aim of protecting them, many of them under the care of parents authorized to carry out such a task with the salary support approved by the government without distinction.

We wonder how much more could have been done for the happiness of our children if the criminal economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the US government did not exist, under whose impact FIVE generations of Cubans have been born and grown?

Despite this, in this rebellious and solidary land there are plenty of reasons to celebrate with joy and optimism this First of June the International Children’s Day, convinced that in Cuba, while there is socialism and revolution, There will be nothing and nobody more important than a boy.

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