They call for extreme preventive measures in the current cyclonic season

Florida, June 2.- The official start on June 1 of a new cyclonic season implies being even more informed about the weather situation, and increasing actions to clean channels and ditches, and at the same time working in each home to reinforce ceilings as far as possible.
The alert of the dangers of intense rains and strong winds is already manifested in the Floridian city with the recent scourge of a severe local storm, and the threat of accumulated water in those low areas of the municipality, vulnerable to possible floods.

As every year, the Civil Defense body in each territory updates risk and disaster reduction plans, while calling on the population to keep abreast of information and take preventive action to protect their lives and resources. the economy.

Global weather forecasts point to an active cyclonic season this 2020 in the Atlantic Ocean, and this also forces Florida to work now on the clearing of ditches and channels, ensure the roofs of houses and complement any measure that minimizes the risks faced to heavy rains and strong winds.


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