More than 20 Floridian students will enter the Sports Initiation School

Florida, Jun 15.- When the epidemiological situation allows it and a new course begins at the School of Sports Initiation (EIDE) of the province of Camagüey, 28 new athletes from the municipality of Florida will access this level of training, due to their physical potential and skills in each selected specialty.

According to information from Lawyer Yosdenys León Herrera, Head of sports activity in the Floridian territory, the recruitment process was carried out based on the actions of those athletes in provincial events and evaluations made by the provincial commissioners to those schoolchildren during visits prior to training areas.

The number of Floridian athletes newly admitted to the EIDE Cerro Pelado de Camagüey exceeds that of this school year by six practitioners, and wrestling with 5, the handball with 4 and the athletics with three children stand out with the most promotions at present. , among the 12 local disciplines provided by athletes.

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