Visit to Radio Florida president of the Union of Journalists in Camagüey

Florida, Jun 17.- The recognition of the work carried out by the workers of the Radio Florida station and in particular the journalists, centered the meeting of Yuldis Márquez, provincial president of the Union of Journalists of Cuba (UPEC) in Camaguey with the members of the base delegation of this radio plant.
In a very special way, the work of the journalist Mayelín Baryolo Rodríguez stood out during the quarantine stage decreed in the Argentine People’s Council, the second established in the country and the one with the largest number of inhabitants, with more than 12 thousand people.

The UPEC representative in Camaguey and her colleagues recognized the young journalist, who despite the stress generated by the situation of isolation, knew how to respond with great responsibility, sensitivity and humanism to the call to keep information up-to-date to the different media in the country. of what happened within the decreed perimeter.

On the other hand, José Díaz Hernández, director of the Radio Florida Radio Station, emphasized the positive aspects of the work system implemented during the current stage of COVID-19.

The advantages of using social networks to inform and exchange with the population, evidenced in these nearly three months of work, was also the subject of analysis by Yuldis Márquez, provincial president of UPEC.

The benefits of teamwork and teleworking, the possible restructuring of radio programming, and the need to continue with personal self-improvement, were among the topics discussed during the meeting.


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