Planting Protein Plants Will Secure Animal Feed Reserve In Florida

Florida, Jul 29.- The more than 40 agricultural entities of the municipality of Florida are called to fulfill the order to promote just over two caballerias of protein plants that guarantee the reserve of animal food, and the supply of green mass to the mini- industry where creole feed is made.
The strategy of the territory in said commission includes the location of compact areas that allow the intensive sowing of varieties of Morera, Moringa, Thitonia, in which it is viable to maintain mechanized attention and manual cultural activities that the planted demands.
On the subject, the President of the Provincial Defense Council Ariel Santana Santiesteban reminded Floridians that the commitment to advance in the introduction of protein plants ends in August, and this is an agreement that, like the rest of the tasks of Agriculture, must be compliment.
The intensification of the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the imperialist government of the United States against Cuba, together with the situation created by the pandemic of the new coronavirus, limit the purchase of the raw materials necessary to obtain animal feed, therefore the need to implement here variants that replace such need.

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