In Cuba Revolution is equal to human rights

Florida, Aug 5 – The entire world is shaking under the deadly impact of a pandemic that to date has taken the lives of more than 600,000 people on almost every continent, including the elderly, the chronically ill and healthcare professionals, in a fight where the concern of governments for the well-being and protection of the lives of their peoples is tested.
Today, when there are plenty of examples of countries where COVID-19 advances without restraint, taking advantage of social abandonment, the indifference of the presidents on duty and discrimination based on ethnic origin, economic income or level of access to health, Cuba is It confronts the new coronavirus with the motto of defending the life of each citizen without stopping to calculate the cost of such an investment.

Perhaps many on the planet, including the eternal enemies of the Revolution, do not understand, or try to misrepresent in unconditional adherence of the Cuban government and people to the letter of the Constitution of the Republic, where the human rights won for every man and woman of this altruistic, supportive, inclusive and convinced nation of the certainty of the chosen path.

Precisely respect for life as a sacred human right is the basis of the prevention and confrontation policy implemented by Cuba to minimize the impact of COVID-19, with the house-to-house investigation, the salary guarantee and the protection of vulnerable groups amid isolation and quarantines.

Making medicine and science available to one hundred percent of citizens, without sparing the means and resources necessary to safeguard the existence of each and every one of us, and that of millions of inhabitants of the rest of the world as heroically demonstrated workers in the Cuban Public Health sector.

This is the immense work of the Revolution that aims to destroy the clown who occupies the presidential chair in the White House to ingratiate himself with the Miami terrorist gang.

But these are also the work and the results that place Cuba in the highest place of admiration and gratitude of the humble of the planet, of those who know that “trenches of ideas are worth more than trenches of stone”, and they coincide in Marti’s and fidelista conviction that “a just principle is worth more than an army”, especially when that fairness is shared among all and for the good of all.

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