Youth strength stands out in most Florida labor groups

Florida, Aug. 14.- More than 90 labor groups in the municipality of Florida have the majority force and the characteristic enthusiasm of the youth that graduates of various technical specialties, engineers, degrees and with high and recognized scientific levels this force of more than 10 Boys and Boys nourishes with vitality and renews several of the main fronts of the economy and the local society.
The active military service graduates and other young people linked to agricultural production cooperatives or credit and services stand out here, benefiting from the delivery of land in usufruct for the production of food, a task that takes on a decisive role in these times.

In the same way, hundreds of them are mobilized every weekend in tasks of planting sugarcane and various crops in El Paraíso, the main productive pole of Florida, located north of the capital city, a space where in addition to making the land produce, they exchange dates commemorative as the recent anniversaries of the births of Maceo and Che.

Special mention in these times those who without thinking twice gave their willingness to take on tasks in the first line of combat against the new coronavirus in hospital units, health areas, isolation centers and in internationalist missions, where there are plenty of examples of the values ​​of solidarity and internationalism learned from the eternal young man, Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro Ruz

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