Adolescent pregnancy an avoidable phenomenon

Florida, Aug 15.- Teenage pregnancy is a phenomenon that demands prevention, alert and active vigilance actions on the part of the family, society and community institutions of Florida, taking into account its high recurrence among women in the territory with ages under 20 years.
According to statistics from the Municipal Public Health Directorate, of the 391 pregnancies registered here to date, 84 belong to girls belonging to the aforementioned age group.
This means more than 20 percent of incidence of a condition that entails numerous risks for the mother and the baby, including malnutrition, low birth weight, vaginal sepsis, complications during the gestation period and during delivery, among others. in addition to causing, in many cases, disorders such as school dropout, family abandonment and the possibility of becoming a single mother.

Consequently, avoiding the phenomenon of adolescent pregnancy requires greater responsibility and effective communication from parents with children under 20 years of age on these issues; promote education on sexual and reproductive health also from the school and other spaces of Florida society, and multiply warning indications and training by the family doctor and nurse in each neighborhood.


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