Florida electrical workers carried money for the fight against COVID-19

Florida, Aug 15.- The more than 100 workers affiliated with the Labor Union of the Basic Electricity Unit (OBE) of the municipality of Florida make a special monetary contribution to contribute to the country’s current campaign against COVID-19 in the midst of a crisis global economy and the increase of the coercive measures of the American government.
According to Odaymis Reyna Vargas, Secretary of the union section of the Florida OBE, the contribution of the workers of the entity responds to the will of the Floridian electricity companies to collaborate with the different care programs promoted by the Cuban state to save lives in the current health and financial contingency.

The donation of the men and women of the entity is an extra contribution, after already during this year that union group of the locality exceeded its contribution to the country and was therefore among the most outstanding of the municipality in that altruistic act .

The gesture of the Floridian electricians is valued as very valuable, in correspondence with the numerous efforts made by the Cuban State to guarantee the necessary medical attention and save lives against the pandemis of the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19 and the resurgence of the blockade of the United States against Cuba.

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