Increases the number of inquiries to the population of Florida

Florida, Sept. 7.- This Friday, the health investigation of 50 percent of the population began in Florida in search of people with symptoms of Dengue and COVID-19, according to the recent sustainability meeting held in the municipality.

Nelson del Sol Serrallonga, director of Public Health in the territory, explained that to achieve this objective they have the support of doctors and stomatologists recently graduated from university classrooms and another important group of professionals in the sector.

During the meeting, the multiple actions to be carried out in the community to eliminate the transmission of Dengue in areas where environmental factors favor the reproduction of the mosquito that transmit this and other diseases were analyzed.

Weeding of residential areas, accumulation of water in canals and ditches, are risk factors for the spread of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, which must be dealt with by the corresponding entities and the population, in order to jointly reverse the current situation in the municipality of Florida.

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