Integrated Community Work Project We are Continuity arrived in Las Tusas (+ Photos)

Florida, Sep 7 – Constituency 33 located in the rural community of Las Tusas, in the northern part of the municipality of Florida, hosted this Sunday the 43rd edition of the We Are Continuity Integrated Community Work Project, a day that was preceded there by a broad popular movement for the cleaning, beautification, painting and rehabilitation of streets, patios and recreational, social and service facilities for the people.
During the exchange between the voters of the area and the highest political and government authorities in the territory, developed with the maximum possible respect for the distancing measures and others established to confront COVID-19, the residents of Las Tusas celebrated results and demanded solutions on issues such as the water supply, the repair of the warehouse, the repair of roads, the waterproofing of the roof of the office and the granting of property titles to the houses, among others.

The meeting, welcomed with enthusiasm by the vast majority of the residents, also served to deliver recognitions to members of mass organizations, voluntary blood donors and outstanding groups in the performance and support of community work, among which the founders stood out. from the Federation of Cuban Women Gladis Álvarez Fundora and Lidia Peláez, along with the young women Yamisleidis Correa and Dayani Fonseca, recently incorporated into the ranks of that female force.

Similarly, the veteran donor Andrés La Ó, the welder Alexander Hernández Varona, and the Basic Unit of Cooperative Production Las Margaritas and the Banco de Semillas de Argentina received a diploma for the merits accumulated among their countrymen.

The warmest applause and the unconditional support of the attendees went to the pioneers of the Victoria de Girón primary school, who presented a couple of dramatic pictures referring to the fight and prevention against the pandemic generated by the new coronavirus and the importance of relentlessly confronting the coleros, hoarders and resellers.

The closing of the 43rd edition of the Integrated Community Work Project “We are Continuity” in Florida, materialized this time in the rural community of Las Tusas, in the Las Parras Popular Council, constituted an effective response to the popular demand to bring the products of first necessity to the area of ​​residence in the current situation, a requirement fulfilled in constituency 33 from the presentation of a trade fair that included the sale of chicken and toiletries from the TRD chain, other meat products, offer of industry derivatives dairy products and vegetables and meats, all with great reception among the inhabitants of the area.

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