Somos Continuidad also reached the rural community of Conquista in Florida (+ Photos + Audio)

Florida, Sep 14.- The call for joint work between community members and administrations to solve problems that affect social or economic well-being, was evoked again during the government program Somos Continuidad in constituency 44 of the Conquista popular council , southeast of the municipality of Florida.
The authorities of the Municipal Defense Council led the meeting with the leaders of the political and mass organizations in the locality, where the needs to repair the access road to the community, revive the hydro-sanitary networks of the multi-family buildings and bring the offers of essential products to this sugarcane community.

In this sense, solutions are projected that advocate pooling resources and forces between the state sectors related to the most repeated demands in Conquista, and the productive units of the demarcation to repair the road, install new hydraulic and sanitary networks in buildings, and reprogram the commercialization of those deficit products to systematize the offer to rural communities.

As part of the community work program Somos Continuidad in constituency 44 of the Conquista popular council, those outstanding residents in the organization and cleaning of the community, blood donors, the directors of the sugarcane units in the area and the groups of the clinic were recognized doctor and elementary school for their preventive work against Covid 19.

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