Florida high-performance athletes continue their sports preparation

Florida, Sep 19.- The nine athletes from the Florida municipality belonging to the National High Performance Centers are determined to stay in shape and continue their sports preparation, despite the isolation conditions imposed by COVID-19 almost six months ago .

Through statements to our Radio Station, during the stage we met Floridians of the alternative practices of sprinter Yarima García, volleyball player Adrián Chirino, and fighters Ibrahim Torres and Lázaro Daniel Hernández, first forced to perform their exercises alone at home and then with the opportunity to use some spaces and sports facilities in his homeland to train.

From our also limited press coverage due to the pandemic, we had fewer opportunities to learn about how the shooter Guillermo Pías del Río, the hockey player Yessica Ortíz, the tennis player Adrián Pérez, the gymnast Danailys León and the taewondoka managed to preserve their sporting form. Yessi Valdespino, but surely these Floridians also registered with the Cerro Pelado National Center, were active.

As far as possible, the nine Floridian athletes of national high performance join the active training bases in an isolated manner in different provinces of the country, to complete the teaching period and continue the processes of sports preparation and training, under the imposed conditions. by COVID-19.

Young people also willing and determined to overcome the obstacles of the current health contingency to keep their sports careers alive and follow the path of life in search of their dreams related to the Olympics.

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