They call for increased surveillance and collective prevention of infectious diseases

Florida, Sep 22.- An average of 13 daily fines were imposed during the last week by the authorities of the Florida State Sanitary Inspection against natural persons and public entities violating social discipline and sanitary norms in this municipality.
Among the violations of the provisions to preserve the good hygienic-epidemiological state of the territory, the dumping of waste into the street, water leaks and the deficient sanitation of patios and vacant lots were sanctioned, to which was added the non-use of the nasobuco and the chlorine solution in the daily battle against COVID-19.

According to the information offered by Odelkis Pola Gómez, deputy director of Environmental Health in Florida, the actions of the Sanitary Inspection officials also dealt here with the confrontation with the violators of the approved norms for the performance of self-employment, especially in the case of food vendors without legal or sanitary authorization to carry out such activities.

The challenge posed by the presence of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, the threat of dengue and the recurve disease caused by the new coronavirus make it necessary to increase collective vigilance and prevention against each of these scourges, together with respect for the measures provided for remove them.

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