Until September 30, first Virtual Event of Educational Robotics

Florida, Sep 28.- The Young Computers and Electronics Clubs invite you to participate in the First Virtual Event of Educational Robotics to be held this Monday, September 28 and until September 30, with the indication that users over 12 years of age Those interested in participating should contact the institutions of the territory.
The event will be developed through the CURSAD Training site of the Young Clubs and the teachers of the Electronics Group of the Central Palace of Computing in the Cuban capital will be in charge of giving the workshops planned for the Event.

“Educational robotics, a necessary approach”, “Basic notions of Lego” and “Basic notions of Arduino” are the topics to be discussed by specialists in the field and those interested in receiving the virtual course on Educational Robotics will be able to access by the electronic address cursad .jovenclub.cu


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