Let’s rescue values ​​that allow us to overcome selfishness

Discipline, affection and respect compose the fertilizer of life that allows to cultivate the basic education of the human being to coexist in society.
The current conditions imposed by COVID-19 thus reaffirm it against the priority of maintaining social order and acting prudently to comply with preventive health measures that protect our lives and that of our loved ones.

Solidarity and altruism in all spheres of society are green of that human essence in our Cuba with good examples of civility and capacity for sacrifice that contribute to social well-being, saving lives in hospitals, and guaranteeing goods and services for the people.

More valuable feelings can be reproduced in our social scenario if everyone’s behavior goes hand in hand with discipline and respect for life in the face of a pandemic that has disrupted human activity.

In addition to a cautious behavior in the sanitary order, current times demand more of the transforming capacity and the nobility of the human being to cover our material and spiritual needs, without leaving behind those who are socially and economically disadvantaged, as the principle of society Cuban.

The tree of human life in each territory is stronger and healthier when unity, love, honesty and camaraderie emerge between people to defeat the social plagues of hatred and selfishness.

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