Work of a floridian plastic artist in virtual expo “Art without borders”

Florida, Oct 12.- One of the works of the Floridian artist Iván Carbonell, Machuty represents Cuba in a virtual expo “Art without borders” event in which more than 70 painters from numerous nations participate, including India, Algeria, Korea from the South, Egypt, Colombia, Ecuador, Italy, Guatemala, Brazil, Russia, Germany and Mexico.
Inaugurated on October 1, the virtual expo is sponsored by the Arte sin Fronteras project and the Emerging Artists Movement, Mexican institutions that, according to the painter and cultural promoter María Del Carmen Vargas Cárdenas, emerged to support the world’s plastic artists and Exhibit in places where they individually cannot reach due to lack of experience or curriculum.

The work of Machuty that participates in the virtual expo is titled “Focus”, it was created with mixed technique on canvas, and as the author explained, it was inspired by the complex moments that humanity travels and shows a peasant planting a plant, everything framed in an atmosphere of grays that blend with whites and ocher to give greater drama.

Mexican Painter María Del Carmen Vargas Cárdenas, leader of the Emerging Artists Movement, commented via the Internet that Iván Carbonell Machuty has participated with them in several virtual, international exhibitions, her works are among the most outstanding, so they add value to the event.


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