Let’s live this new stage without reducing epidemiological surveillance

Florida, Oct 13 – The control over COVID-19 in the municipality of Florida allows starting this week, as in most of the country’s provinces, the stage of the new normal, but also under the condition of not decreasing epidemiological surveillance or give in in compliance with basic measures to avoid contagion.
Since the month of April when the first cases were reported in this territory and to date, there are a total of 13 Floridians infected with the pandemic, three of them with sources of infection abroad, and all have already recovered thanks to the care effective and timely medical.

Such successful behavior and the current non-existence of local events show control over the new coronavirus here, but we all know that there are many risks even in Florida, due to crowds in shops, social indiscipline and the constant circulation of travelers of different origins and destinations, on their way through the central highway that crosses the main city.

Vulnerabilities to the stalking of COVID-19 that require the population to properly use the nasobuco, the systematic disinfection of the hands, respect physical distancing and go immediately to the doctor in case of presenting respiratory symptoms.

To keep the virus away and minimize the risks of its spread in Florida, local institutions and state administrations also have a high responsibility in the municipality to demand compliance with health measures in each workplace, and put in practice more effective strategies to reduce social clutter and crowds during the sale of essential products.

As the highest authorities of the Cuban Government reiterate, they are responsibilities and shared duties in each territory to continue protecting the health of the people and reestablishing productive activity on the largest possible scale in order to contribute to the reestablishment of the economy and re-drive the development of the country.

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