Sorbitol workers seek to join a project with foreign investment

Florida, Oct 23.- The current works being carried out at the Sorbitol derivatives factory, of the Ignacio Agramonte sugar system in the municipality of Florida, aim to create favorable conditions in that industry to be included in investment projects with capital foreigner, promoted by the country’s leadership.
Such insertion would allow the entity to substantially increase its productive capacities, currently limited by lack of raw materials and technological difficulties, and to be included with greater force in the national and international markets with a line of high demand.

The activities carried out in the Sorbitol factory focus on updating the technological means in the storage areas, in those corresponding to raw materials such as the lines elaborated from the factory management, and in the main access route to the entity.

With systematic limitations since its creation due to not having sugar glucose, the main raw material to carry out its industrial objective, the entity adapted to replace this lack with that made from corn, a line also deficient at the moment due to the high grain costs.

For decades, the search for variants such as the elaboration of flavored syrup, the fructose treatment and other programs, allowed Sorbitol to maintain its industrial activity; In the new programs, along with its fundamental line, it will incorporate the production of fructose-oligosaccharide (FOS), which is very useful and valuable in health programs.

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