We Are Continuity Program shows its worth in Florida

Florida, Oct 23.- The possibility of establishing a direct exchange with the people and the mobilization in the same space of the local administrations to learn about the needs of the neighborhood and attend to them, validates the Community Work Program We Are Continuity in Florida, to starting from the solution with resources of aging problems and the improvement of services.
According to reports from the Municipal Administration Council, there are more than 200 proposals from Floridians that have already been resolved with state actions derived from the government program, which to date has more than 50 issues in this territory.

Among the solutions specified in this stage are the most frequent repairs of roads, the resuscitation of water supply systems and maintenance of sewers, the delivery of materials or finances for the construction or improvement of homes, as well as the restoration of lighting services. and new telephone services, among others.

We are Continuity Program shows its worth in Florida In the same way, during community meetings every Saturday in an urban district and on Sundays in a rural one, the approach of procedures and basic services for the town are promoted, and families are cared for in a different way at a social and economic disadvantage with the delivery of resources.

The community work program Somos Continuidad shows its social value also in Florida, although for its greater scope it demands more participation from the neighborhood to ensure the norms of coexistence and a more systematic link of the administrations with that town, to ensure the quality of their services at the base.

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