They recognize in Florida the dedication and commitment of rural women

Florida, Oct 31.- The management of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) in the municipality of Florida extended a warm congratulations and its gratitude to all the women members of the sector and the relatives of the associates, based on their active participation and the support of each of them in the various tasks and missions of the local peasantry, including the battle against COVID-19 and the effort to maintain food production at the current stage.
During a meeting with the presidents of cooperatives and grassroots organizations of ANAP, which was also attended by Rita Viltres Ríos, General Secretary of the Federation of Cuban Women in the territory, the participants detailed, with irrefutable arguments, the value of agrarian women and their active participation in the socio-economic, political and productive development of the agricultural field.

When using the word, the highest representative in Florida of the women’s organization created by the Revolution highlighted the importance of recognizing peasant women, when it is known that they can be found in the furrow planting vegetables, milking in the dairy, in his home raising animals, in the office of the cooperative or in community activism giving the best of himself for the common good.

For his part, Aliesqui López Lugo, president of the ANAP Municipal Committee, called on them to stand firm in the current moments when each work to be undertaken requires moral beauty, constant joy and the unconditional push of rural women in their space vital and much beyond.

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