Implementation of the Basal Project encourages good agricultural practices in Florida

Florida, Nov 10 – The implementation of the Project of Environmental Bases for Food Sustainability (BASAL) in agricultural areas of southern Florida, is part of the concrete action in this municipality to face from science the effects of climate change and rationalize the use of natural resources.

The international collaboration initiative only about two years ago arrived in this territory and already offers offshoots of good practices in soil management and rational use of water, especially in the farms of the Romárico Cordero and Rolando Valdivia peasant cooperatives.

From the delivery of equipment and the teaching of novel methods and techniques for tilling the land and cultivating, the BASAL project trains and encourages several agricultural producers in Florida to plant pastures and fodder for livestock, as well as other plantations of meats and grains for human consumption.

Extending the initiative to other productive entities to promote the sustainable use of natural resources in extreme weather conditions, focuses the importance of the BASAL project in the south of the Florida municipality, where some 13 thousand hectares are estimated to be threatened by saline intrusion and other adverse effects. of the weather.

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