Florida University Center with tribute actions to Fidel

Florida, Nov. 14.- In homage to the historical Leader of the Cuban Revolution, Commander Fidel Castro Ruz on the fourth anniversary of his physical disappearance, the workers of the University Center in Florida organized various actions to enhance his thinking and action.

A workshop on the imprint of the historical leader in today’s society and his role in the formation of values ​​that had the participation of teachers and specialists from other sectors, is included among the activities carried out in that institution of the Ministry of Higher Education.

For next November 23 an exhibition of books related to the life and work of Fidel is planned, as well as a meeting dedicated to the validity of his pedagogical thinking, an activity that will also be held in connection with the educator’s day.

In commemoration of the fourth anniversary of the death of Fidel Castro Ruz, which will be celebrated on November 25, the professors of the Municipal University Center organized various activities to keep their ideas and example current.

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