Summons a peasant organization in Florida to promote the agroecological movement

Florida, Nov. 17.- The municipal leadership of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) in the territory of Florida called to promote here the commitments of the Agroecological Movement in each cooperative, based on activism and the transmission of proven good practices by the peasant sector.

The use of animal traction and sowing and harvesting methods adapted to climate change, the development of pastures and protein plants in the face of limitations for the importation of animal feed and the use of insecticides, fertilizers and pesticides made naturally , make up the list of recommendations to be taken into account by local farmers in the current economic situation in the world and in the country.

Regarding the call, the engineer Víctor Kindelán Batista, municipal coordinator of the Agroecological Movement in Florida congratulated the performance of the credit and service cooperatives Rolando Valdivia, Romárico Cordero, José Antonio Echeverría and Frank País for the performance of their managers and associates in the application of science and technology in production processes.

Each of these entities that stand out in respect and harmony with the environment gives an effective response to the Guidelines of the agro-industrial policy of the Party and the Revolution when it demands the development of a sustainable agriculture that facilitates the efficient use of resources, including seeds, varieties, adherence to technological discipline and phytosanitary protection, together with the use of natural fertilizers, biofertilizers and biopesticides.


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