Recognition in Florida for pharmaceutical workers in their day (+ Photos)

Florida, Nov 23 – This November 22, workers in the pharmaceutical sector celebrate their day, amid the battle that the country is developing to recover from the impact of COVID-19 and under the resurgence of the limitations imposed by the economic blockade , commercial and financial of the government of the United States against Cuba.

The chosen date commemorates the birth of the revolutionary fighter Antonio Guiteras Holmes, a fervent anti-imperialist fighter and one of the first professionals and promoters of Cuban pharmacology.

As part of the day of tribute to the men and women who work in the Public Health system, the celebration of Pharmaceutical Worker’s Day in Florida is used to recognize their individual and collective performance in the fulfillment of their usual tasks and other exceptional assignments of the current stage.

With more than 15 community pharmacies, several medicine outlets, an optician and an entity dedicated to the manufacture of natural and traditional medicine products, the municipality of Florida joins the congratulations of those who make up the sector and summons them to be every day more human, efficient and supportive in their social order.

To recognize the dedication and performance of those who work in this important sector, the municipal act for Pharmacist Day was held this Friday in Florida, when Magalis Soto Ramos, with more than 40 years of service, received recognition, along with the best workers and the pharmacies with the best results in securing the necessary resources to face Covid-19.


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