Global solidarity and shared responsibility for World Day to Combat HIV / AIDS

Florida, Dec 1.- This December 1st, when the World Day to Fight HIV / AIDS is celebrated, under the motto of “global solidarity, shared responsibility”, the commemoration will be marked by the new coronavirus pandemic, but to Despite the challenges imposed by it, the country continues the fight against STIs and HIV / AIDS.

Cuba, without a doubt, is inserted among the few nations with real and viable possibilities to achieve this purpose: it has a universal, free medical care system at the level of each neighborhood, with full access for all citizens at any time and with dozens of programs to monitor, prevent, and address various risks and diseases, including HIV-AIDS.

By 2020, the main purposes for HIV are to increase to 90% the number of people with the virus who know their diagnosis and, in the same proportion, the application of antiretroviral treatments and also to increase the proportion of people under treatment with no viral load detectable.

However, meeting these objectives is not enough to win the battle against the scourge of a virus whose arrest depends above all on the responsibility and individual conscience of sexually active people, and the role of the family and society added to the fight frank and open.

It is precisely the family from whom the greatest support is demanded in these matters, based on the role that corresponds to them in the education and orientation of responsible sexuality and preventive behavior of children against sexually transmitted diseases.

Notify them in time about the active presence and characteristics of HIV, share with them without false conventions the details to take into account at the beginning of the relationship as a couple, especially the importance of using a condom and offer them the maximum confidence to share any questions or concern that affects them related to their sexual activities.

In the face of AIDS, as with COVID-19, you have to be responsible, careful both have no face, and can circulate and grow among us waiting for a failure to infect any unbeliever who appears on its way … When in doubt, choose to live.


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