Revolutionary Armed Forces: men and women who defend the sovereignty of the Homeland at all costs

Revista militar por el aniversario 50 de la proclamación del Carácter Socialista de la Revolución Cubana y de la Victoria Militar de Playa Girón, en acto efectuado en la Plaza de la Revolución José Martí, en La Habana, Cuba, el 16 de abril de 2011.

Florida, Dec 2.- An army of workers, peasants and students marches in Cuba armed by dignity, justice and an unwavering will to defend the independence and sovereignty of the socialist Homeland at all costs.

In times where, out of selfishness and the lust for power of small groups in Latin America, arms of armies are pointed against the people themselves, the Revolutionary Armed Forces are at the service of the Cuban people not only for their protection, but also for the promotion of productive tasks and other social impact activities.

The patriotic sentiment and desire for a more prosperous future that motivated the young people commanded by Fidel to disembark on the Yacht Granma on December 2, 1956, commits a whole uniformed people to use military training in defense of social conquests against the threat of imperialism.

The African peoples know and proudly recall the strength and dignity of Cubans when they have to take up arms in favor of social justice and against hegemony and any intention of human submission.

This ability to sacrifice and defend human values ​​against the most equipped army on planet Earth, transcends the present day and nurtures the ranks of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba, made up of the people themselves, energetic and virile in the face of injustice and jealousy watchman of the national sovereignty conquered in the largest of the Antilles.

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