Implementation of the Ordering Task progresses in Florida

Florida, Dec 26.- The municipality of Florida advances step by step in the implementation of the provisions of the Ordinance Task, launched with the objective of achieving monetary and exchange unification, transforming the distribution of the population’s income in the referring to salaries, pensions and social assistance benefits, eliminating excessive subsidies and undue gratuities and correcting the price system at the state and private levels.

After several months dedicated to giving seminars and preparatory meetings on the rules established for the new process, the first impact of the same on the population was verified here at the beginning of the payment of the increased pensions to the beneficiaries of social security on the announced date, and in the salary advance of 1,000 pesos for all active workers in the territory.

In the same way, the distribution of the regulated family basket for the month of January to the wineries of the municipality began, accompanied by the indications and the necessary information to the consumer about the new amount to pay for each product, together with the inspection by the body of inspectors and other actors guarantors of respect for the prices capped in the demarcation for the self-employed sphere and those established in the state sphere.

Numerous organizations and entities in Florida, headed by the Directorate of the local Government and in coordination with their higher-order structures, materialize an extraordinary effort with the purpose of informing the people and specifying the provisions of the Ordinance process, among which the institutions stand out banking institutions, the Cuban Post Office, the Directorate of Labor and Social Security, the accredited media and the Food Products Wholesale Company, among others, with extended hours and programmed strategies to support those arranged throughout the country.

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