Several Education workers receive the “Young People for Life” Award

Florida, Dec 28.- The “Jovenes Por La Vida” Distinction, awarded by the national leadership of the organization that brings together the Cuban youth vanguard, was awarded to nine workers in the Education sector in the municipality of Florida for their contribution to caring for of the centers and the selfless work carried out during the most complicated stage of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Frank González Suárez, physical education teacher at the Basic Secondary School in the Antonio Maceo field, Dayani Herranz and Lianet Luciano from the José Antonio Echeverría primary school; and Lisel Agüero, a teacher at Rolando Valdivia Elementary School, are among those honored.

This “Youth for Life” award was also awarded to Yordanis González, teacher at the Tania La Guerrillera semi-boarding school, and to Alejandro Rodríguez, Erick Placeres, Kati Turiño and Maday Salomón, workers of the Municipal Education Office.

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