Revolutionary National Police, 62 years of respect for legality and social commitment

The most humanistic and just society that began to be built in Cuba after the triumph of the Revolution, on January 1, 1959, prioritizes among its guarantees to achieve the greatest possible well-being of the people, the preservation of public order and citizen tranquility.

Hence, only four days after the victory of the Rebel Army, led by Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, the National Revolutionary Police was created as an institution of the Cuban state with a presence in every municipality on the island to safeguard social discipline and public goods.

Since then, that force of men and women, children of the people, have the mission of ensuring order and good social and administrative behavior in each transformation and socioeconomic program promoted here to serve the majority and guarantee their safety.

After years of torture and abuse of power by the police forces during the neocolonial stage, it was the turn of the first generations of the National Revolutionary Police (PNR) to give the Cuban people trust in their authorities, with an action that is attached to rights. and citizen duties.

62 years of surveillance of the PNR have already been completed with respect to legality and social commitment in the performance of its missions to combat day, night and dawn, indiscipline and crime.

Today, those who wear the distinctive blue uniform carry, in addition to the authority and the weapon that they almost never use, the trust of a people in justice and good behavior to guarantee citizen tranquility and the protection of public property.

With this high commitment, the members of the National Revolutionary Police are attacked in a current stage of socioeconomic transformation in the nation that demands a more systematic action in the streets to reinforce the honesty and fair character of Cuban society in the face of unscrupulous and the claims to profit at the expense of the needs of the majority.

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