Epidemiological surveillance is strengthened in Florida to stop the chain of infections

Florida, January 21.- Epidemiological surveillance in Florida is strengthened based on the current situation and the results of the PCR applied to suspected cases and the chains of contacts of COVID-19 recently confirmed in the municipality are still awaited, as emerged of the meeting of the Government Working Group in this territory.

The Municipal Directorate of Public Health reported that to increase control over contacts of positives and suspects, the Sports Motel and the Explorers Center are active as isolation centers, as part of the special measures in this municipality to cut the spread of the pandemic.

Similarly, it was announced that the health surveillance and home isolation of two groups of students from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Pre-University Institute and a classroom at the Sierra Maestra Elementary School are maintained, based on students and teachers reported as contacts people previously confirmed with COVID-19.

As part of the preventive measures against COVID-19, during the meeting of the Government Working Group in Florida, the limitation of the movement of people and the cessation of service activities from six in the afternoon until sunrise across the head city.

On the other hand, in the government meeting, the actions to control prices in sales activities were evaluated and reported in the conference on the application of a total of twenty fines to violators of the established rates and a measure of forced sale of onion and garlic in the popular council of Ibarra so that Florida consumers could access those products at the corresponding price.

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