Responsibility is lacking; call of alert against COVID-19

Florida, Jan 21.- My friends, what I am going to repeat in this comment has already been said by all possible means and ways so that it is understood and acted upon: Cuba is currently going through an extremely complex situation in the confrontation to the COVID-19 pandemic, based on the daily report of hundreds of infected people, and a drag of thousands of direct and indirect contacts that could also be victims of the new coronavirus.

Faced with such a scenario, not a few wonder and question what went wrong for a country like ours to go through such a predicament, with a robust health system and considered among the best in the world for its ability to face these types of contingencies.

hardened in the confrontation of epidemics such as dengue and many others; with the highest percentage of doctors per number of inhabitants and with a preventive medicine rooted from the primary level, where the Family Doctor and Nurse play a fundamental role in the community where they live.

What is missing, if Cuban scientists do not sleep or rest in the proposal of drug formulas and in the implementation of clinical and therapeutic protocols in order to save lives and minimize the impact of the coronavirus, while the government of this small country, without great natural resources, blocked by the most powerful and brutal empire on the planet, in the midst of an unprecedented crisis of external and indigenous supplies and with the coffers of foreign exchange depleted by so many expenses and months of inactivity in the largest sources of income in the country, the Central government, under the guidance of the Communist Party, takes care and worries, looks for alternatives, watches over each sick person and multiplies stocks so that no one is left helpless in the battle for the quality of life and the well-being of an entire people?

What is missing, I reiterate, to minimize a scourge that can tighten and even break the rope of social, political and family stability also here on our sacred ground, if we are not able to rivet in our conscience and put ourselves safely away from its contagion, wrapping up our children and the elderly so that guilt does not remain as the only memory and remorse if something hits them because of our negligence.?

I say it with the full extent of the words: the responsibility, discipline and solidarity of a large group of foolish individuals are lacking, incapable of assuming the correct use of the nasobuco and respecting the measures of isolation and social distancing; The requirement of those who must implement, watch over and demand compliance with hygienic-sanitary measures and barriers was lacking, and still is lacking in certain places. Exemplary fines are missing. Lack of systematicity and veracity in the investigation.

Queues exceed There is excess confidence that the dead person will not touch me, and there is excess abuse and disregard of some about the capacity of a revolutionary and humanist medicine that we know is free, universal and active, but that costs and cannot perform miracles …

I do not mention here the training, educational talks and timely information, because at this point in the battle against COVID-19 even nursing children know the fierceness and contagiousness of the new coronavirus. It is ridiculous, dangerous and too selfish to insist on reckless attitudes and actions such as hugs, kisses, the bottle-top rum drinker in certain clubs, along with celebrations and family reunions to welcome or farewell travelers dressed in green and relatives from other provinces, whose waters, even when the danger was alerted, brought these muds that today muddy the tranquility of an entire town.

I conclude with the phrase that I heard a neighbor of mine say in good Cuban: It is time to get back to a good life if you want to be away from the statistics of sick or deceased by COVID-19. You may feel very young, very strong or very healthy but never forget that death is crazy and… the rest of the sentence… I leave that to your reflection, conscience and capacity for prevention.


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