Floridian youth committed to their here and now

Florida, Feb 3.- Floridian youth have shown sufficient evidence that they can be counted on and this is evidenced in every workplace, in every school and in every place where there is a young person working and contributing to the country’s economy.

Perhaps they are not all we want, but we are all of us who feel love for Cuba, for this land that saw us born and grow together with our families and friends.

Those of us who are here also want our economy to improve, for the shortage of so many years to end and to have the latest phone model, but here, in the Cuba that our ancestors built and for which my grandfather risked his life in hiding fighting against the capitalist regime that prevailed in the country before the triumph of the Revolution.

They did know the before and after in Cuba, and that is the story that in particular I do not want to repeat. The times are different, it is true, but the regime is the same, the same one that oppresses the worker, the one that divides families within the same house because work schedules do not allow them to spend more than 5 hours together, where there is no time many times to dedicate to the children or to take care of our elderly and give them the attention they require when they are old.

For this reason, like most of the contemporaries who live and bet to continue in Cuba and to continue building it from our own little piece, we strive to do things well, to contribute as much as we can to the future of our children and ourselves.

The pandemic stage that the world is experiencing due to SARS-CoV-2, has shown that our economy is not the best, it is true, and despite this, at least here hundreds of people have not died daily from COVID 19 for not having a hospital to attend, or because my government does not care about protecting my health and that of my family.

What are difficult times? It is true, but they are also true for most of the countries of the world, and the news says it daily, in Europe people protest because they want to work, because they do not have food and here we Cubans already have the errands of the month.

In short, these are times to value what we have, what we want, what we lack and why. Many young people already did it and grew old in Cuba, today it is up to us to continue the work of so many thousands of Cubans who bet and bet on their country.

That is why young people are the same in an industry, as in culture, science, sports, health, today fighting all together against COVID 19.

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